Alemayehu Ketema General Contractor

Great service with a great quality.

About Us

AKGC was established in 1989 as a small construction enterprise in the western part of Ethiopia. Through the years the Company has engaged in small size road and building projects and as a result acquired the necessary experience in construction skills, delivering quality service and profit making. Taking bold steps the company under took large construction projects in remote parts of Ethiopia, thus gained a reputation for quality service, consistency and accountability. In terms of construction standards AKGC has progressed from the lowest to the highest level of construction industry. Delivering timely and quality service for a reasonable cost are among the core values of AKGC. In more recent years AKGC’s steady growth and expansion has led to the establishment of a real estate development company known as Country Club Development PlC and Dandy marble PlC – a marble exploitation and processing enterprise.

Why you choose us?

What makes AKGC unique among many other construction enterprises is its commitment to engage in community development work in order to promote the welfare to the local people by providing financial support for local initiatives in the areas of education, health care, skills training and capacity building . AKGC aspires to expand its horizons to other parts of the world, in particular in other African countries, to deliver its customary quality service to its future clientele and establish new partnerships built on trust and mutual respect. Excellence and accountability will always remain our trade mark.